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IL SOLE La Nuova Cucina grazie a Luis Mena

Who is Eccellenze Italiane?

The managerial staff of Eccellenze Italiane has been operating on the web for more than a decade, having already understood long ago how important and difficult it would become to adequately distinguish our image as Italians in the world and safeguard the uniqueness of our work against counterfeits and imitations of every kind.

We call ourselves Italian Excellences, we are a private company, we protect the name of the Italian companies that trust us and, above all, have an interest in making themselves known online thanks to the excellent positioning of our pages... and also with their customers, showing the window sticker, the certificate, the Anti-Counterfeiting ID, our and their commitment to doing things in the best possible way.

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Il Sole Cucina is certified

ECCELLENZE ITALIANE Certify that your company meets the requirements for inclusion in Italian Excellence and request the provision of an Anti-Counterfeiting ID, which will be imprinted on the certificate and on the window sticker that we will deliver to you and which you can then display to the public.

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IL SOLE at the LYRIQ Event