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Our History

Luis Mena always had the dream of coming to America andachieving the American dream. Luis arrived in the USA at the age of 17, full ofdreams and desire to work and be part of this country, a country where dreamscome true... America. He soon developed a passion for the art of food, flavors,and the culture of the restaurant world.

For several years, Luis was working for different restaurants, looking for a better future, but most importantly… looking for his passion. On one occasion, Luis had the opportunity to travel to Italy. On his trip he was able to learn more about the culture and art of Italian food, its wines and its essence in general, from the north of Italy to the south inSicily.

Luis Mena has always been a man of challenges and one ofthem was opening a restaurant of his own with his wonderful wife Claudia Menathat has been one of their dreams since they met. Their dream came true onSeptember of 2019 in Rancho Santa Margarita.

"IL SOLE CUCINA" has received a recognition from2022/2023 ECCELLENZE ITALIANE It is a pleasure to represent one of the bestItalian cucina in America being Hispanic.